Jason Kyle 


Jason was a horrible student (by modern academic standards) but somehow miraculously made it to college and earned a Bachelors in Business Management. During a semester abroad he studied International Business in Cyprus while visiting companies in India, China, Dubai, France and the UK. After college he worked as a Financial Analyst, Management Consultant, and served in the Peace Corps in Albania. 

(Snooz fest on the Fin. Analyst/Consulting parts. See below) 

More recent past 

After seeing the lack of opportunity for artists in developing countries, and reintegrating back to the U.S with an unfulfilling job (Consulting), Jason said "goodbye" to the cubicle (and endless free snacks) and "where have you been all my life?" to his passion for performing (and starving). Jason started stand-up comedy in 2013, and has since joined SAG-AFTRA and starred in numerous films, commercials, video games and theater productions. 


 The Groundlings

Upright Citizens Brigade

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Pan Theater

LEELA Improv

VO Workout w/ Tom Chantler

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Voiceover Training

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

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San Francisco, CA

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San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA


Jason currently works in Development at Sony Pictures TV w/ Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa (Emmy-winning creators of Homeland, Showrunners of 24) and Glenn Geller (former President of CBS studios).

(Yes, watch your feet. Lots of name-dropping)

Jason is also the Co-Founder of the Creators Writing Room w/ Lee Aronsohn (Co-Creator/Showrunner/Exec. Producer Two & Half Men, Big Bang Theory). CWR provides free industry resources, classes and 1:1 consulting and a lot of fun bickering between Jason and Lee on their series "CO-PILOTS".


If whatever written here was correct, Jason wouldn't be working in TV development and he'd be a lot richer than he is.