Jason Kyle 

 The Basics 

Height: 6'1   |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Blonde


Jason holds a Bachelors in Management from Eastern CT State University. During a semester abroad he studied International Business in Cyprus while visiting companies in India, China, Dubai, France and the UK. After college he worked as Financial Analyst, Management Consultant, and served in the Peace Corps in Albania. 


After seeing the lack of opportunity for artists in developing countries, and reintegrating back to the U.S with an unfulfilling job, Jason said "goodbye" to the cubicle and "where have you been all my life?" to his passion for performing. He's now a full-time Actor, Comedian, Host and Voiceover Artist, having served as the lead in numerous films, commercials, corporate industrials and theater productions. And Wrote, Produced, Directed and Starred in a TV Pilot, The Bay Area Show.


 The Groundlings

Upright Citizens Brigade

American Conservatory Theater

BATS Improv

Pan Theater

LEELA Improv

VO Workout w/ Tom Chantler

Improv & Characters


Dramatic Acting & Scene Study

Performance-level Improv

Performance-level Long-form Harold

Performance-level Short-form Improv

Voiceover Training

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Los Angeles, CA

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